Thank you Wang Wang boy for coming to our house. Teaching us to sharing unconditional love and see no difference.

Yesterday, we brought Wang Wang boy for 3rd vaccination and Vet found out that his “gingivitis” is getting serious and he need to undergo 12 days of “antibiotics” treatment. He had “gingivitis” since the 1st day we adopted him. We fed him with Vetri DMG daily to prevent situation getting worst. Vet also advise us to feed him, Vitamin C to boast up his immune system. I started to give him Organic Kale juice which is nutrient-dense. Hopefully his situation become better. Well! Overall, Wang Wang boy is an active kitten and he is really adorable.

We are happy that we adopted him as we can afford his medical fees and also able to provide one of the best cat food to feed him. Most important, We and our adult cats love him dearly. If he is continuously become “Stray kittens”, he is not going to live for long. So glad we are happy to help and also thank you Wang Wang boy for bringing so much laughter and happiness to us and also adult cats at home.

Recently, I heard a story that go, “An elderly aunty’s bicycle being stolen, she was so happy and relieved that she just fixed her bicycle tyre. Whoever use her bicycle will be safe! She is not scolding, blaming but think from other’s perspective. She sees all beings are the same and shinning on unconditional love.

Ask yourself, can you give unconditional love to all beings? Are you still differentiate or judgemental on you, me, I ……





4 responses to “luckily…

  1. I am sad Wang Wang is ill and wish him better soon but I am very glad you and your family take good care of Wang Wang. You will all be blessed with much love and happiness from you kindness.

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