Why are we Judge?

Yesterday, My neighbour wrote a long message about his frustration and anger about cat’s poo & pee in our neighbourhood community chat room. One of the incident happened to trigger this was Wang Wang boy, our youngest cat about 6 months old, he poo in his front garden. Immediately, My father went over to clean the mess and I also helped out to ensure everything back to normal. We apologised for the incident. We scolded our little boy, hopefully he can understand ??? and we take counter measure to close the front window in the morning to avoid them to go out.

To minimise the disturbance to neighbour, we invested on our fence system which our cats are not easily to sneak out conveniently and  we quarantine them at night. We’ve prepared cat litter at home. Well! It’s challenging to restrict their freedom. Can you imagine that you are not allow to move except in a house? Moreover, all our cats are adopted and rescued from neighbourhood, they love nature. They are so alive when they are hanging out in garden.

Our 5 prince and princess at home!!! They don’t have blood relationship, difference color, difference age and they live harmony with us. We love them dearly. To us, they are our FAMILY Members.

We don’t have any cat when we move in to our new house, along the year, we are helping, rescued and adopted stray cats in neighbourhood. All our cats are neighbourhood’s cat. All  urcats are going for spaying and neutered. A critical action to control stray cats population in neighbourhood. If the root of problem is not going to be addressed, the issue of cat’s poo & pee, miserable and wounded kittens are wandering around, adult cats are looking food in rubbish bin and other social issues will continue.

We love to push responsibility to those people who are kind to animal friends when we see any stray cats or dogs, we assume this is their responsibility and nothing to do with us. Furthermore, we might give negative remarks like, “Why are you doing this? Why are you feeding them? No one ask you to do?  All this unkind words are like sword to cut people’s heart without blood.

It’s easy to point finger, say something instead of spend time to look into root of problem and solution to bring happiness to everyone. Alway remember animal friends are just like us, the only difference is their form and language.

I do hope people are awakening to see “We are one!!! Give unconditional loves to all beings without judgemental. A thought in my mind, we are willing and happily to clean up the poo from your children, your grand children, perhaps your pets too. No complain at all!  However, when come to animal’s poo, why are we so angry and full of negative emotion? Why are we start our judgemental thoughts ? Why not give and practice unconditional love to all beings?

Be kind, not only to those beings you know but to any form of life!




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