Lead by example!

I love to spend time with my cat friends in garden. They are sharing and teaching so many beautiful life lessons.

Wang Wang boy is a new comer. Initially, Miss Si Si was totally not friendly to him and she was so angry that we adopted Wang Wang boy. We treated all our cat friends fairly. To us, all of them are so precious, they are our little prince and princess!

After a week, they can get along so well. Now, Wang Wang boy is following Miss Si Si like his dearest mother, sister, playmate, mentor, guardian… he is just like a copycat. He follows whatever Miss Si Si is doing and repeat again. We can see Miss Si Si is doing her best to teach and guide Wang Wang boy.

Miss Sisi never come forward to help Wang Wang boy. She is observing from far. She wanted Wang Wang boy to be independent. What a good teacher!

A great lesson to learn, lead by example is really important. Never scold your children if you, yourself can’t set a great example. If you want your children, be honest, you must be honest and sincere. If you want your children to have good manner, you must have a good manner. Everything starts from you! Never finger-pointing to your children if they are not behave well. Always look inner, your children is your reflection!



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