Are you a good parent?

Wang Wang boy loves to climb tree!

Wang Wang boy is growing up so fast. He is staying with us for more than 2 months. He is learning skills from our mature cats, An An boy and Miss Si Si. He is just like a little copycat. He follows them wherever they go, whatever they do…. We are happy to see three of them can really get along well like real brother and sister.

Wang Wang boy loves to climb tree in our garden. He hit the record as he climb the highest  point of tree and facing challenges to get down. Of course, we are concern about his safety, however we can’t do much to help him except to give encouragement. We want him to learn by himself how to get up and come down from tree. He needs to be independent as we are not always home in weekdays to play with him in garden. Finally, he made it and get down safely without any help from us.

A great lesson for those parent who are giving too much material support to their children, overly pamper children will never give them opportunity to learn, be independent and gratitude. They might assume whatever they are enjoying is a “Must” from their parent. As material stuffs are too easy to get, they forget to be gratitude, not treasure and constantly asking more and more.

When they are unable to enjoy “Material Stuffs” which they assume “A Must” in life, they might do something Unwholesome in order to keep enjoying. As such, as a parent, kindly teach and give a good example to your children, guide them to be a good person who can contribute and bring happiness to surrounding.






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