Take a good rest!!!

One of the great lesson I learned last week was to do nothing when you are so tired. You need a good rest to recover your strength and energy. This is the greatest remedy to get quick charge. Rest and sleep when you are tired and exhausted.

Nowadays, a lot of modern people, we are overly drain our energy even though our body is extremely tired, we are not allowing ourselves to get a good rest. We are forcing our body to work harder  and ignore all SOS signal from body. We rather spend our precious rest time in playing games, chatting, constantly online, checking social media and others. One of my friend mentioned to me that “I don’t want to sleep early, I don’t want to spend time in sleeping, I rather go online and keep connected.”

Of course, our over exhausted body will definitely collapsed. Perhaps, we can get second chance to live and enjoy life.

Our lovely animal friend know to sleep and rest when they are tired. Why can we?

Love yourself, love your body and mind!!!

You can!


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