Love animal friends MORE…

Recently, when I took a walk in my neighbourhood, I am so happy to meet up with a dog (belong to my neighbour) and now being given to other neighbour. I am so happy to see the little dog get a chance to walk out from house and to do his business. He walks 2 times a day which in the past he never get any chance to walk out. How wonderful!!! Truly happy to see our doggie friends being treated well!


Some of us, we might assume we are a good owner when we are feeding our animal friends, give them a shelter and forget to give them “Love”. We might treat our doggie friend as “free” security at home. Always remember that animal friends are just like us, they are full of Love.

Don’t chain or put them in cage. Always ask yourself how do you feel if you lost your freedom?

If you think you are superior than them, LOVE THEM MORE!!!

Little Black is living with us for more than 6 years. He is our dearest family members! We love each others dearly!




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