I love walking…

One of the best way to cleanse up my mentally “dirts” and emotional “rubbish” is through walking. We might absorb so much negative energy and “dirts” in office, human relationship, emotional garbage from others and …. I love walking after office hours. I am glad that I don’t take dinner, so I can save time to walking, playing with my cats, preparing tomorrow meal, writing blog and others.

Do you love walking?

After a good walk, you feel more relax and refresh. I am enjoyed body sweating as body toxins can release out through sweat, moreover I can be totally be here and now. It’s the precious and beautiful moment to be with myself, also providing a good oxygen to my body and mind. I am grateful that my area is full of trees.

Why not start to take a quiet walk?

The more you walk, the more happy you are!!! The more peace and calm you are!!!

The best and free exercise to sustain your mentally and physical health.






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