House cleaning…

How do you feel when

Your desk is untidy

Your kitchen is messy

Your wardrobe is overload with all clothes

Your floor is dirty

Your cabinet is dusty

Your garden is full of weed

Your total living environment is in a mess…

All this scenario will definitely affecting your mind. You can’t be in peace and calm.

Just be mindful whenever you clean and tidy your house, observe the changes in your mind. You are enjoying the clean environment and also how serenity of your mind.

As such, Remember to keep your house clean and tidy all the time. One of the important element, after you use anything, clean it and let it be in original condition. Say you are using washroom, make sure its clean and tidy for next users. If you are washing dishes, make sure you put back to original place. Don’t mess up your place with all old junk. Whatever stuffs you are not using for 6 months, the chances for you to reuse is so slim, give to those people who need it. Give a second life to the stuffs you don’t need.

You are definitely not going to “dirty” the place if its clean. You are going to protect it just like your mind!

Let your house be clean, simple and minimalist.

One of the best way to cleanse your mind.




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