Adopt instead of buying…

Our beautiful cat friends, they look great when you are giving your love, the right and balance food! Beautiful beings!

Recently, I’ve started an Instagram account (hisimi_and_ cat friends) for my lovely cat friends. My objective is simple, to encourage people to adopt stray cats instead of buying. We’ve adopted a total of 5 stray cats who came to our house to seek help, they are so unique, cute and beautiful. We are celebrating our wonderful time together, so much fun, laughter and happiness. Well! They are helping us to be a better human, to understand more about love, respect and see no difference except their form. They are just like us, they love us dearly, we are their whole world!!!

Perhaps some might think stray cats are not as beautiful as pure breed. It’s all depend on how you judge “beauty”. Perhaps, we only see the “beauty” of the kitten or puppy, how about their mother cat who are suffering in order to continue “pregnant” and live as a commercial asset to earn profit. Before you decide whether you should buy a kitten, puppy, always check out the breeder process, how is the treatment to our dearest animal friends?

After adoption of cats or dogs, one of the important task as a responsible owner, kindly get them neuter or spay to control their population. If not, it will become over population in neighbourhood. Instead of keep blaming, scolding and complaining, Why so many stray animals in neighbourhood? Why not do our best to bring them to Vet to Neuter and spay?

You are saving life when you are adopt rather than buying a pet.

Shine your kindness!







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