How busy you are?

When you are in peace, you can see things clearer! You are unshakeable!

I am really busy lately for work, chores, taking care of our new family member, Wang Wang boy to bring him to Vet for Vaccination, ear mite treatment & follow-up and also a series of Chinese New Year luncheon and dinner.

The more busy you are, the more you need to take time to come back to your breathing, to the present moment. Do a task at a time, most important be mindful. You can definitely be more productive, reduce error and no forgetful. Don’t be fearful on your long pending list, just settle it one by one instead of make yourself live in stress and tension. Perhaps, your imagination and story creation is more fearful than actual task which can be solved easily.

My recent experience, I kept thinking of a pending task and assume that I need to spend long hour to accomplish it. However, Once I put effort and be mindful in doing, I just accomplished the task in an hour.  A great reminder, do it and don’t live in your own imagination. Perhaps the time spent in your imagination is longer than actual time to accomplish a task. Moreover, you are frightening yourself. Think about it!

Seriously unnecessary!





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