Happy vibes!

We love to do spring cleaning before Chinese New Year. It’s great to clean up our home, recycle those items not needed, painting, clean curtain and others. You are definitely feel difference after you clean and tidy your home.

When you are cleaning your home, its similar that you are cleaning your mind, to remove and eliminate extra emotional garbage like anger, tension, stress, hatred, greed from your mind. Start anew to welcome a New Year from your home and also you, yourself.

We are easily being influenced by surrounding. When your environment is clean and tidy, you are more peace and calm, you are happier, perhaps you can think well too! How about if your surrounding is messy, dirty, smelly and others? How do you feel?

A simple example, when you see people start to dump rubbish in a site, you can see clearly that rubbish is piling up.

This year, We decorated our garden with colourful CNY decorations in order to bring happy vibes to our surrounding! 

It’s easy to transform energy and bring positive vibes. You just need to put effort to clean up your surrounding!!!

Let’s bring happy vibes! You can!





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