Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

Usually, I need to attend many business luncheon and dinner before and during Chinese New Year. I felt the impact when I came home late and slept less hour than usual. Moreover, I need to take dinner which usually I don’t. This action gave a shock and burden to my body, I felt my body was super tired, my head was so heavy and I can’t think well. I am happy that my body is alert on the changes.

To follow a healthy routine is very important and there is no shortcut. I am practising my healthy diet and lifestyle for the past 7 Years with full discipline. I am doing this not by force but willing and enjoying the beauty of organic vegan lifestyle. This diet makes my body lighter, healthier and “Alert”.

I am always inspired by the spirit of lotus.

I am one of the unique “Being” with such a strict and discipline diet in my surrounding. People are always wonder how can I continue my practice. It’s simple as I’ve strong faith on my practice. Through my simple vegan diet, I am able to releasing life, eliminate suffering to animal friends, reduce demand on “meat”, reduce carbon footprint  and others. Moreover, I am enjoying good health, one of the precious gift in life.

Lastly, sharing a beautiful with you, “It’s rather than be healthy alone than sick with someone else.” by Phil McGraw



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