How to control???

We’ve adopted a total of 5 stray cats from our neighbourhood during our stay for the past 6 years. We just can’t reject a tiny beings, injured being, hungry being from seeking help from us. It’s too hard to say No. Our intention is to help, give them a home and we’ll definitely bring them to Vet to neutered or spay to stop the over population of cat community.

Moreover, we done our best to quarantine our cats at night, get ready cat litter and also the best cat food to avoid them to disturb our neighbour.

However, one of my neighbour sounded to me that “Why are you keeping so many cats?” “Your cats shit on my grasses and its so smelly, please control them.”.  This is an accusation. There is no evidence to confirm our cats shit in his garden. There are so many stray cats in our neighbourhood.

When I listened to the words of “control”, it make me to contemplate. How can we control little cat friends? Perhaps, we can’t even control ourselves sometimes.

Should we confine our cat’s freedom?

I asked myself, are you enjoying freedom?

Yes!!! How to feel if you are being confine and lost freedom in life?

Well! We know the best answer.

Little Black is the most smart and clever cat at home. He will never pay a visit to my neighbour’s house as he knew his presence was not welcome! Animal friends can sense our loving kindness easily!

I talked to my cat friends, I hope my intelligent boy, Little Black will convey the message to them.





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