Why are you surrender your life?

Recently, I knew a lot of my friends who get sickness like thyroid, cancer, fibroid, heart disease and others. The age of getting various type of disease is younger. Why this happen? It’s interrelated to food intake which contributed about 80%, exercise, mentality and others.

I am shocked that many of my colleagues are hardly cooked at home due to busyness and they depend on dine out. They surrender their “life” in other’s hand and not sure whether they are actually intake any good nutrient food. Perhaps, some might only take junk to make their stomach full and fulfil the senses desires. They are not focusing on right and balance diet, some might just ignore even they know.

We only treasure great health when we lost it and we might search many ways to heal our body. What are we waiting for? Why should we take the risk? We can get information easily, you can see the interrelation of diet and sickness.

Your food, your choice!!! The risk is on you!!! Love your life and treasure your health!

“I can’t control everything in my life, but I can control what I put into my body.” How profound! Food does matter!

Let food be thy medicine!




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