Scolding with compassion!!!

After many time of giving advice, counselling and using all kind of soft approach, if people still not showing improvement and make a change in their life, what are you going to do in order to help?

Perhaps, we can continuously to give advise, however this might not work well as people might even put our kind words in their heart. They might also defend with full of excuses for not showing improvement.

Don’t be angry with people who don’t have capacity to change. Do your part and be at peace!

In order to awaken one’s life, you can try to scold them and point out all area which needs improvement. Most important, when you are scolding and giving solid reason, your mind must not be shaken, at still and full of loving kindness. Your ultimate objective is shaken other’s awareness and hopefully he or she can be a better person who can bring happiness to others and not suffering. You are not carrying any grudges, hatred, ill-will when you are scolding. Your action is out of compassion.

Let’s do it!!! Help others when it’s not too late!






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