The best way to test our spiritual practice is when we are facing challenges like stress, tension, accusation, blame, scolding, shouting and others releasing their negative emotions to us. How do you react?

Are you being affected? Are you reacting?

There is meaningless to talk or react to people who are losing their mind when they are shouting, scolding and releasing all their negative emotion toward us. At that moment of time, the person are “Mad” as they can’t guard their mind. Why are you being bother  by the “Mad” person? It’s effortless!

Its similar when people are throwing rubbish to you. Are you going to receive or reject?

Well! Be compassion to people who are constantly angry. They are just releasing their anger to you, perhaps for a short while but they, themselves are more suffering as constantly living in “anger” condition.

Be peace and calm no matter in whatever situation. The best way to resolve any challenges in life.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; You are the one who gets burned.”

By Buddha

10 responses to “Anger!!!

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience about anger. It is true that when someone is getting rid of their rubbish we can choose to accept it or to let it go elsewhere.
    I’ve noticed that some people can have an attachment to anger. So, when I don’t accept their blame or shame, it makes them even more mad. I’ve also noticed that over time, as they begin to notice that I’m not accepting their harsh energy, at first they become more angry than ever. They may try even stronger approaches so that they can be heard. So, as I’ve experimented with letting them know these two things – that they have been heard and that I am not accepting their judgement – it has eventually reduced the amount of anger they send my way. By acknowledging that they have the right to feel their feelings and that I have the right to choose what I accept, we can find better ways to connect ourselves with other humans, even during these angry times.
    After all, who among us has never felt angry? Who among us has ever wanted to know we have been heard?
    Let’s water our seeds of compassion and understanding, and let the weeds of blame and shame dwindle away.

  2. I heard a similar saying by Buddha. “Being angry is like drinking poison and expecting somebody else to die”

    “Be kind to those who are angry. They need it more” by Buddha

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