I visited Mong village when I was in Sapa, Vietnam. A group of Mong ladies waited for our group from the entrance of village, they were so friendly and some can speak well in English. Apparently, Mong ladies are carrying huge responsibilities as income generator and also they need to take care of their family. They are raising up their children, cooking, handle house chorus, take care crop, spend time to make handicraft and to sell handicraft in order to earn a living.  A very hardship lifes!!!

The weather in Sapa was so cold, they walked all the way from their home (I heard more than 1 hour journey) to accompany us to walk in the village act as a local tour guide. Of course, their aim is to sell the handicraft to us to earn small living.

The little baby girl was following her mother to earn a living in such a cold weather.

Sis & I bought some handicraft from them even though we are not so keen to buy. However, we hope our little gesture can help them to go home early as the weather was so cold and earn a small living. The least we can help them and bring slight happiness in their life.

“Give in such a way that the other does not even feel they have taken. This is generosity, and this is beauty.” Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shanker


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