Sometimes, we might forget to count our blessing and assume everything happen in life is a must. Perhaps, it’s what we deserved. Is it true?

This morning, I discovered that my front tyre went flat and the other one also out of air. I didn’t know how to change a tyre. What I can do is to wait for the service centre to open and seek for help. As such, I am not able to go to work!!! It’s out of my expectation. Of course, I accepted whatever happened with a happy heart. No difference can I make if I am angry, upset, blame and surrounded with negative emotion.

Live at now!!! Nothing can shake you!

The mechanic came and helped me to change the standby tyre, so that I can drive to the workshop. They discovered nails in both of my tyres and fixed it. I am grateful!

Another beautiful lesson!!! Everything is impermanent and you can’t control anything happen. Live freely!



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