Keep walking…

During my recent trip, our tour guide was sharing with us to climb up the little hill  to look at the amazing nature, Halong bay. She only mentioned the total journey took 10 minutes. I assumed it was easy task.

I am motivated and of course will walk up the hill. However, the journey was not as easy as per her description, Perhaps, it was a bit challenging as quite steep and must walk with mindfulness. So many people were in the queue to walk up the hill. I just kept walking without thinking on how tired and challenging and believed I can walk up to the peak.

With this positive spirit and only focusing on present moment, I did it. I saw the magnificent view in Halong Bay.

I am proud of myself as I walked up to the peak!!!  I arrived! With strong faith and determination, we can arrive at our destination!!!

One of the important lesson I learned, whatever people is checking with me, how far are they from the peak, I’ll answer not far away. I’ll do my best to motivate and encourage them instead of saying It’s hard, challenging and far away! Why not give hope and positive encouragement?

Another realisation which can apply in our spiritual practice, keep walking and believe we can arrive! YES!




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