I love tree …

I love to take a walk under beautiful big tree, so calming, fresh and relaxing! Why are you want to chop a tree? Let’s contemplate!

Yesterday, I had an evening walk and so happen to see so many birds in the sky to go home and rest at night. I believed its more than a hundred birds were rounding, singing and gathering before they went to their home sweet home, “Tree”.

Well! It gave a big impact in my heart as some of us, we love to chop and cut tree without considering what is the consequence of our action to others and also our environment. Think about it, we need less than an hour to chop a big tree and we need to spend more than 10 years to grow a reasonable size tree. Think deeply before you take any action in future.

Tree is very crucial to us, we need to enjoy oxygen from tree and tree help to absorb carbon dioxide. Without tree, definitely imbalance in earth. Moreover, why there are many floods and landslide  happen lately? There is no root to absorb rain water and withholding soil. Besides, tree is really important to support the living to many little beings, food and shelter.

Of course, you can trim the tree if you are so worried that the branches will fall when raining. Think deeply before you take any action to chop a tree!!!



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