Losing your “Greed”….

Always practice “Giving”. Yes, you are losing your “greed”!

We might meet up a lot of free rider, they love to take advantage from others. What they want is to gain self benefit and they assume their action are so wise.

Some of the people are continuously to take something from others. Whenever dine out, they are not willing to pick up the bill and not even to share the bill. They just want to eat “Free” even though they are rich. One of my friend shared with me that one of the wealthy friend who love to enjoy free meal, free accommodation and take advantage from others. His action scared all friends.

Have you ever figure out why they behave in such a way?  Simple answer, “Greed”. They only think about themselves instead of others. They only focus in “take” instead of “give”. Of course, people are willing to treat for a few times and definitely they are going to keep a distance from”Rich Free rider.”

Some of the people are extremely careful on their spending and never ever buy any snacks, cookies, sweets, dessert, biscuits and others for sharing in office. However, they love to keep eating without any contribution. Why not practice “Give and take”? Balancing our action!!!

And of course, it’s so blessed to give instead of to take.

Do you think free riders are gaining or losing?

Let’s contemplate!








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