Some of us, we might live in stress, tension, restless and other negative emotion as we love to compare ourselves with others.

It’s really hard to live in peace and serenity if we are constantly make comparison and always want to be excel than others. Imagine, if your friend is getting a new car, you also want to follow the same without consider your financial status. You are following and living under your friend’s opinion. You can’t be yourself and you are losing your precious wealth, freedom in life.

You are being chained invisibly and what you want the most, the acknowledgement from your friends.

Think about it, why do you need confirmation from others to live your life?

Liberate yourself! Be free and enjoy the precious freedom. No comparison needed.

Just look at nature, whether big or small leaves, living prosperously without compare each other!

Perhaps, you can compare yourself, yesterday and today.

Are you more compassionate? Are you living more freely?




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