The Three Acts of Goodness…

Sometimes, we might not mindful on our speech and action, we might think nothing happen even though we are having unwholesome speech and action. Since nothing happen, we might assume we can escape from the law of karma. Is it truth?

This morning, I went for gardening. I saw the sprouted little spinach plant. I never sow the seeds. Obviously, the seeds were from the spinach mother plant which died sometimes ago. When condition is right, enough rainwater, sunlight and good soil, the seeds sprouted. What a great reminder from nature!

The power of a tiny blue pea seed. As such, be mindful on our action, speech and thoughts.

No one can escape from the cause and effect. Its depend on the ripen of conditions. We are responsible for our action, speech and thought. It just like sowing seeds whether good or bad.

The Three Acts of Goodness,” which are say good words, do good deeds and thinking good thoughts. By Master Hsing Yun







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