An An boy……..

“Hi! What are you doing? Can you play with me? “
from An An boy…

Are you spend time with your pet friends?

Our pet friends are like small kid, they are seeking our attention and they want to get our love.  Never neglect them by using the excuse of busyness. Treat them like little boy and girl. Don’t assume that you are kind enough when you are feeding them with food and not even bother to talk to them, most important to love them dearly.

Love is beyond border and we don’t need to have same language to understand each other.

I am truly happy when I see people are walking with their pet friends and spend time with them. It’s so sad if we are putting our pet friends in a little cage or chain them, restrict their freedom. Imagine, how do you feel if you are in the same situation? Some even treat their dogs like “security guard”, of course they are not willing to share their love.

“Since you are not playing with me, I take a nap…Nite”…

The more you spend time with them, the more you find our pet friends are just like us. As such, don’t treat them as second class citizen, never assume that they belong to us and we own them.

Celebrating our beautiful moment with our beautiful friends in life!!!

We are blessed to have An An boy with us!



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