“Karma police”?

When someone give us “garbage” as a gift, do you think we are going to accept?

Of course, not.

Well! Some of us, we love to collect and store  “emotional garbage” from others. One of my friend, she even can’t sleep well as she carry so much “emotional garbage” from others. Whenever, she knew “injustice” cases, she can’t let go even though its nothing to do with her. She just wonder why people doing bad deeds are still living good life. Why people with bad thoughts are not “awakening”?

I advised her that”You are not the Karma police.” Never torture yourself for the bad thoughts from others. If we do our best to advise and people refuse to listen, let them be. Never penalize your mind and body for other’s wrongdoing. Appreciate them for showing a great example that you shouldn’t learn from them. Each of us, we need to be responsible for our karma. No one can run away!!!

Your karma will follow you just like your shadow. No way to run! As such, please don’t be “Karma” police. Be mindful on your body, speech and thoughts.

My friend is always sick due to lack of sleep and her mind is so disturbed by “other’s wrong doing.” I advised her, please let go and don’t carry the smelly “garbage” and “Heavy Stones” at your back.  Its meaningless! Why not transfer merit, “May all beings be awakened.”






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