Simple life…

Every evening, after back from work, I need to plan and prepare all ingredients for the next day meals for myself and my family. Preparation works include washing, cutting and storing. It’s take time and I must do it mindfully.

Simple life is the best life. Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are sleepy. What else you want in life?

If I am able to come home early, I’ll definitely go for an hour walk. Usually, my lovely cat, Miss Sisi will wait for me in the garden. She is such a sweet companion in life. This is the recharge walk which I can enjoying “silent and be with myself” and let go all working burden. To me, it’s the walking meditation. I feel good after the walk, it gives  good nutrient for mind and also body.

If time permitted, I’ll definitely start to write something for sharing. Of course, I am benefited the most for posting any article. I am really grateful for comments and strong support throughout the year. All your feedback give positive nutrient to enrich my perspectives in life. I am blessed to be in blogging world and get to know blogger friends. Deepest gratitude!!!

Well! Another great enjoyment is to start reading after writing blog. Life is awesome!!! I sleep early as one of the way to allow our body to do self detoxification. Of course, I wake up early too.

A simple life is the blessing life! We don’t need much to be happy!!! We are the fountain of joy!!!

Smiles, happy people!



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