Spiritual practice, anywhere & anytime!!!

How do you react when you stuck in traffic jam?

Are you angry? Are you cursing the traffic light? Are you blaming other drivers? Are you scolding your navigation system?

Why not take a break? Why not let ourselves be in calm and peace? You can make a difference, hell or heaven is all in your hand.

There is so much things you can do when you are stuck in traffic jam. You can listen to music, counting your breath, look out for beautiful scenery, streets or people… Instead of keep yourself angry, stress, tension and be surrounded by all negative emotion. Why are you bring such heavy burden to your body and mind?

Is it worth it?

Usually, I’ll listen to Dharma talk when driving. It’s great to listen to discourse, get advice and  reminder from masters. I can be at peace and calm.  Occasionally, when you look out, you might get a big reward from mother of nature.

Always remember that you can practice spiritual anywhere, anytime and not limited when you are in holy places like temple, monastery and others.

The amazing nature!!! The reward when you are looking out!




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