be independent…

I love to spend time in garden whenever I am free. Of course, my dearest Miss Sisi will follow me in garden. She is really a sweet girl, she can understand human language after stay with us for coming two years.

Miss Sisi need to find a way to get down from tree. She is learning!!!

Usually, she loves to climb from one tree to another tree when she is happy. She can climb up the tree very fast and need to think a way of getting down. Sometimes, she might cry for help. However, I’ll encourage her to think a way to get down from tree without injure herself. She must learn to be independent. Imagine, if we are helping her every time, for sure she’ll wait for our help in future.  The best training for her to learn.

Sometimes, when you are in shopping mall, you might experience that little boy or girl is crying to seek parent’s attention to get something. Imagine, if we follow their request, in future, they are going to cry louder in order to get whatever they want. As such, never pamper your children. Allow them to learn and be independent when they grow up.

You are unable to protect them for life, never cultivate a “strawberry” symptom child who can’t face challenges.

Love them and let them to be independent.




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