Persistent make a difference…

A simple macrobiotic meal is the biggest blessing in life! It’s nourish our body and mind!!!

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins, Not through strength but through persistence.” By Buddha

What a profound teaching!!!

When one being diagnosed for terminal illness, usually he or she, will be very much persistence and full of faith to transform his or her diet, doing exercise and give priority to all healthy activities. Well! What a great move!!!

However, some of them, once being healed, they might gradually give up their healthy diet and lifestyle and start their old habit again.

What’ll happen? They are getting sick again and some might not even get second chance.

We are so used to our old habit and it’s really a big challenge to do a total transformation. We are too much pamper our senses. Without a proper understanding on why we need to make a total transformation when we are sick, we are easily to give up and follow old way of living.

I alway give advise to my friend that you need to change your diet plan for life and not only during sickness. You must persist in your believe in order to gain a healthy way of living. You must accept the new diet and exercise plan as your new DNA, don’t reject once you are heal. Of course, never accept your new diet plan without doing your homework, why do you need to make a change? It’s so easy to get information online but you need to analyse the info by using your wisdom.




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