When to put a “Stop”???

Have you ever ask yourself why are you so busy?

Have you ever contemplate what make you so busy?

To live in this mundane world, no one can avoid from busyness. However, its depend on  you how can you take a break in this busy life. Well! If you think about it, you might be too busy for your chores as you need to clean utensils, cook, housework, mopping, vacuum, gardening, washing, hanging clothes, ironing and others. You might be too busy to take care of your family, your children and others.

Recently, I learn to put a stop as I am aware there is no end to complete all chores. We must learn to let go and be moderate. Give yourself a break, to recharge and you can definitely walk further. The more you drain your energy, the more tired and restless you are. Always know when to put a stop in your busy life!!!

Every off day, I’ll definitely go for a walk in the morning, follow by spend time with my lovely cat friends in garden. Miss Sisi was extremely happy when I am accompanied her in garden. Usually, she will happily to climb from one tree to another. Happiness shines!

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