Why are you abandon your animal friends?

‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”BY Mahatma Gandhi
What a profound sharing!

Our greatest happiness, our little teacher in life!!! So blessed to have our cat friends in life!!!

We love our little cat friends at home, we treat them equally, they are our family members. We love them dearly and of course, they are bringing so much happiness to us. We are celebrating our life together. Little Black stay with us for more than 5 years, we understand each other very well and we love each other dearly.
Today, one of my friend shared with me that her mother in law wants to abandon their elderly dogs about 17 years old to animal shelter home. Two elderly dogs, whereas one dog is blind, he need help even to intake food, they never leave home before since birth. The reason is she is allergic to dog’s fur. How can this elderly dogs to survive in Shelter home? Definitely, they are depressed and moreover chances to be adopted is so slim, End result, this 2 dogs will definitely put into sleep.
I am so sad when I heard about this, my heart is bleeding. How can we abandon the little beings who celebrated their whole life with us? We are their whole world. Why can’t we take care of them until they pass away. Simple questions, how do you feel if you are abandon by you family members? Are you going to abandon your child, parent?
We must be responsible, give our commitment and most important give our unconditional love to our fur kid. Treat them like your family members.
However, I am happy that my friend is going to bring this 2 elderly dogs home and take care of them until they pass away.
Always remember, fur kids are not toy. They are just like us but in another form. They give unconditional love to us, why can’t we treat them the same? Never abandon your fur kids by giving all sort of excuses. It’s so easy to give excuses.

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