Are you busy?

Give your priority….Do whatever can give you more peace and freedom in life.

We must know when to give a “Stop” in our busy life.  If not, we might lost, make ourselves too exhausted and drain all energy soon.  Think about your daily life, actually you are multi tasking and carry many roles and responsibilities.  For example, working,  take care of your family- cooking, cleaning, chores, spend time with your family, children, pets, exercise, socializing with friends, gardening, voluntary work, spiritual practice and others. Perhaps you are hardly to provide any time to yourself, to be in silent and look inward.

Why not take a break? There are so much unfinished work at home even though you try your best to do. Basically, there is no end. As such, you must know how to use your time wisely. Give priority to quiet time, the best food to nourish your mind.

One of my single friend shared with me that she only sleep at midnight as she want to maximise her time. Initially, I thought she is doing something important. Well!  She is only spend her time to constantly online and watching drama. As such, she looked really tired as not enough rest.

Its really important to realise what activity can give us peacefulness in life. Set your priority!!!




3 responses to “Are you busy?

  1. I love to relax listening to my music. I dance and let go. Of course this is not possible all the time but i love to zone out with time to myself.

    When i am busy i blog, do chores, cook and all other “important” things. Sometimes those things cannot wait but at the same time quiet time is really important for me to recharge 0my batteries and gather my thoughts.

    Unfortunately for me my mind moves at 1000milesperhour so this time is very important for me. I have burnt out before and it is not pleasant.

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