skin allergies…

Understand and know what are you putting in your mouth. You are what you eat!!!

We can give thousand of reasons for not cook at home like busy, no skill, lazy and others. We can also give many reasons for not taking healthy diet, like tasteless, no life if not enjoying good food. We don’t give priority to healthy lifestyle when we are still in good health. We don’t realise Health is wealth! We might even think that we can live healthy even with taking wrong diet and continuously to “abuse” our precious body.

Recently, I started to write food journal, to record down whatever food that I consumed and how’s my  body reaction. You can know well what are the unhealthy food which you shouldn’t take. You can take a good precaution. Let’s food be our best medicine.

Last week, I got a severe skin allergies with itchiness after I dine out. I suspected the food might consist of chemical, pesticides and others. I went to consult western doctor, he can’t assure whether allergy to food or any other issue. However, he mentioned that the treatment is the same, he gave steroid cream to stop the skin itchiness and also anti scratching pill. I don’t want to take any drug to harm my body.

I am using home-grown organic aloe vera to stop the itchiness and also immediately started liver detox with organic kale juice. I took about a week to recover. My teacher shared with me that it’s a good sign as my body is so alert about harmful substances, immediately discharge out.

As such, be mindful and give priority to what you eat, don’t follow and pamper your senses. It’s not worth to lost our precious for wrong food diet!!!





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