Life-long learning…

Let yourself to be useful to others. A little flower also bringing fragrance. Be the reason someone smiles today! Photo courtesy from sis Siew Yong

I love to learn new stuffs and I believe whatever we learn is not only meant for us. It can benefit to other beings. I hope I can be useful to others and do my best to relieve suffering and bring happiness to others.

Today, I accompanied my friend to Chinese Chiropractic, she felt improvement after 1st session of treatment. She even recommended to her father and the elderly father aged 82 years old also join her to try Chinese Chiropractic. My role was to do simple translation and give moral support to my friend.

I gain more than what I given as I am learning new stuffs from Sifu (Chinese Chiropractic)  and understand better on the treatment. It’s really amazing to see with the simple techniques without using any medicine. Sifu can release suffering and pain from patient.

To us, it might be simple yet Sifu already spent so much to learn, master, memorize and understand about human body. He can easily to diagnose the issues and treat it accurately.

A good learning lesson, we must continuously learning to master the skills and there is no shortcut, only handwork. They will try to experience how is the reaction when touch on selected points, so they can understand the feeling of patients.

Never reject opportunity for continuous learning! Whatever you know might help and relieve suffering from others even from a simple act. Be the reason someone smiles today!!! You can!






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