Right livelihood!

I am alway encountered questions from friends on the cause and effect. Some of my friends are doubtful on the cause and effect as they are seeing people with “bad thoughts” and doing “bad deeds”, they are still enjoying luxury and good life. Some of the good people who are doing good deeds and yet they are facing so much challenges in life.

As a Buddhist, I’ve strong faith and believe in cause and effect and also reincarnation. We can’t see our past and future life, as such we might not see whether consequences from good and bad deeds. A simple way to see things, sow a seed in soil without watering and sunlight, it can’t sprout. Well! Once the conditions are ready, giving water, compost and sufficient sunlight, the seed just sprout to a new plant. Its apply the same to cause and effect. We can’t see the consequences now as conditions are not ripen.

I am recycling all water using to clean grains and vegetables to water my plant. You can see clearly the growth of rice plants in between of flowers. As such, be mindful of our action!!!

Recently, one of my relative who are in gambling business facing a big challenges as his son is addicted in illegal online gambling and loan so much money from “loan Sharks”,  moneylender who charges extremely high rates of interest, typically under illegal conditions. Situation changed from a rich family to a desperate family who keep on borrowing money from relatives and friends to pay loan sharks. It just like a bottomless deep hole, the loan amount is huge plus extreme high interest rate. Well, the son is still continue gambling.

Well! This incident is a good reminder to check whatever we are doing is wholesome or unwholesome. Our action is bringing happiness or suffering to other’s life. If we are handling gambling business, we are bringing so much negativity in other’s life, e.g, bankruptcy, force home sales, unemployment, fraud, divorce, disharmony in family, drug abuse, depression, alcohol abuse, job loss, financial crisis, mentally disorder, suicide and others. We might not feel the “suffering” if nothing happen to our loved one.

Be mindful on Right livelihood!



3 responses to “Right livelihood!

  1. Thanks Li Jiun. I understand about karma and conditions. My own example is similar. I see others benefitting from bad deeds and all my good deeds going unrewarded. I am hopeful that my conditions may soon ripen so that the burden of suffering can lessen. I am patient and will continue to have faith.

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