Precious health…

I love to observe our lovely cat friends, when they are hungry, they eat, when they sleepy, they sleep. Well! How hard for us to follow this simplicity in life?

There is no Shortcut to enjoy healthy life, it’s definitely related to your diet, sleep, exercise, and also whether are you giving food for thought to your precious mind. Whatever we are doing is interrelated, we can’t just depend on one practice only.

Simple example, when you are eating healthy, clean and pure food yet you don’t spend time to do exercise, you might not able to achieve optimum health. When you are moving , you are allowing the blood and energy flowing through your body. Besides, if you are able to have a silent walk in nature, you are allowing your mind to settle down and also inhale pure oxygen from nature. You are recharge instantly and all this is FREE. Whenever, I check with people, are you spend time to do exercise? Usually, the answer is busy, no time and other’s excuses. It’s easy to give excuses instead of put into action.

Recently, one of my relative was in critical heart disease, he was in Intensive care unit (ICU) for many days as his vessel near his heart is enlarge like a small apple. He doesn’t pay attention to his health even though he had a heart operation in the past. Well, It’s really hard if we never learn when we are giving second life.

Imagine, Life without good health. Is it still consider as quality life? Are you still enjoy your life?

Why not to take care your health when you are healthy? Why do you need to wait until you are sick? Why we need to go through suffering to learn?






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