This too shall pass!


Do you know how to drive in a storm?

I am sure you do your best to be mindful in driving. You are not allowing yourself to be distracted by any other things.

Recently, I drove through a heavy downpour at night, I can’t see anything in front except darkness. I heard clearly on the strong rain drop, of course I drove mindfully and reduce speed to be safe. Even though the outside world was so noisy, however my inner world is in peace and calm. I am remain here and now. The rain stopped and everything back to normal.

It was a great experience. It’s the same when we are in anger. All our storms and dark cloud pass. Most important keep focusing on “There is Suffering”, “There is anger”. Observe, be silent and never ever take action or open your mouth when you are in anger. Take a deep breath or moe deep breath, let the dark cloud pass and sunny day rise. Don’t put any judgmental in your anger. This too shall pass!




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