Change your life…

Keep walking!!! You are not far from your destination!

“Once upon a time, an old king went to visit  a wise hermit, “What is the most important part of Buddha’s teaching? he asked.

The hermit thought for a while, then answered: “Do no evil. Do only good. Purify your heart.” The King, in view of his eminence and the great effort he had made to reach the hermit in this obscure place, was expecting to hear a long, wise discourse. He couldn’t believe his ears. “But even a child can understand that.” He blustered.

There was another pause, then the hermit replied, “Yes, and even an 80-year-old man cannot do it.”

What a great story!!!

The Buddha’s teaching is so simple and the most important you must practise. The more you practise, the more you understand how profound is the teaching.

If you pursuit for something really complicated and yet you can’t understand at all, how are you going to walk the path?

Just do it! Change your life!!!

You are going to find a difference in your life and you are going to bring happiness to all beings.


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