Make full use of your life!!!

Beautiful flowers are bringing fragrance to surrounding. Are you?

How do you plan your day? Are you fully maximise every minute of your life by doing something meaningful and benefit to all beings?

Most of us, we love to spend time to pamper our senses by doing activities like, watching TV, drama, playing games, constantly online, gossiping, partying and others. We might argue and give excuses that all this activities bring so much happiness. What a great way to pass time! However, we are not aware that our mind being intoxicated.

Well! Why not sit quietly and contemplate what type of benefit are you getting from activities you are doing?  Are you become a better person? Are you helping others by doing all this?

Time pass so fast and we are not sure when is our time to say good-bye to this beautiful earth. Why not utilise our time well and make the best of it instead of wasting our valuable time to do unproductive activities?

Why not spend time to follow spiritual path? To be a volunteer to help and bring hope to other’s life. To read positive reading material which bring positivity and brightness in our life and also shine on others. To learn some skills, e.g. Natural healing, healthy cooking and others which bring benefit to yourself and others.

Make full use of our life, for ourselves and for all beings!






2 responses to “Make full use of your life!!!

  1. So true. We all need to contemplate from time to time. There is a famous quote that goes “yesterday i was clever so i tried to change the world. Today i am wise so i am changing myself”

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