It is as it is!

“It is as it is”. whatever you see, you hear, you eat, you smell is the best things happen in your life.

I love this saying very much, “It is as it is.”

A very simple yet profound teaching, however it’s really challenging to put into practice.

Why are we unhappy? Why are we stress? Why are upset? Why are we angry? Why are depressed? Why are we tension? Why are we disappointed? Why are we losing trust? Why are we jealous? Why are we restless?

Why are we associated with so much negative emotion?

Why not observe your thoughts before arisen of all this negative emotions?

Simple explanation as we are not practising “It is as it is.”, we are putting a lot of judgement, past experience, differentiation, personal opinions, expectation and others. We are actually creating all sort of scenario to make ourselves unhappy, sad, depress and associated with negative emotions.

A simple example, when someone is shouting to you,  you are angry as you are thinking he or she is not respecting you, rude, unreasonable, acting more superior than you and other negative reasons. Well! This is your assumption.

Imagine, if someone shouting to you, he or she is mentally disabled people. Are you still very upset? Angry?

Perhaps, you feel nothing. Why?

Always remember if you don’t create the story and continuously to add spices to the scenario, you are going to let go and move on. Nothing happen!

It’s really great to practice, “It is as it is.” Liberate yourself!



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