I read one of the profound quote:

” Before you speak. Let your words pass three Gates:

Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it Kind?”

What a great reminder!

Its interesting when you observe some of the conversation,

-Many people are keep talking and no one actually listening.

-People love to share information without verification of fake or genuine news. We just love to spread “news”.

-Some of us love to give opinions even to the topic they are not familiar and they are giving “wrong” information to mislead others.

-Some of us love self boasting.

How wonderful if we can spend more time in listening instead of keep talking! That’s why we’ve 2 ears and 1 mouth!

I enjoy very much in silent retreat, so peaceful and serenity!!! I love my silent hours with myself during cooking, walking, driving and other activities.

It’s really great to spend time to know and understand yourself, always look inward instead of constantly look outward!

The happiest moment, enjoy stillness!



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