Why not give a thumb up?

How do you feel when you heard about kind virtues being carried out by others?

Are you jealous? Are you finding excuses that it’s not a big deal?

Why are we love to find faults in others? Are we trying to look good and more superior than others?

All this thoughts are created by a judgemental mind.

Today, I heard a stranger was willing to help my friend to jump-start her car when her car battery was dead. A little action can relieve suffering and bring happiness.

Why not we give a thumb up to those people who are willing to help others unconditionally?

Continuously to share kind virtues to our surrounding! Just like the fragrance from flowers bring benefits to whole environment!

Let’s share their good deeds instead of always focus in negative news. You must know  what are the best nutrient to mind. Safeguard your mind and say NO to the seed of negativity.



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