Happy World Cat Day!

We’ve adopted Miss Mimi since kitten. She was brought home and rescued by our elder cat, Little Black.  Now, she is a pretty adult cat. She gave so much opportunities for us to learn unconditional love, kindness, compassion as she is always fall  sick.

Miss Mimi loves to spend time outside our house. Occasionally, she’ll disappear for a few days. We are seriously no idea where is she hang out. Initially, we are so worry about her safety. My father will definitely spent time to look for her. Well, mission failed for every time.

Instead of worry, we transform our mind. If she is coming home, it’s a bonus. If she is lost, we can’t do much as well. No matter, where she is, we give our best blessings. We are still giving freedom to our lovely princess. We learn to let go and understand that nothing is belong to us.

Every time, whenever Miss Mimi is missing for a  few days. She’ll definitely get sick. She is always giving opportunity for us to learn how to take care and shine our unconditional love. For the past five years, I learned to be a professional nurse to our cat friends, I am able to clean their wound, feed medicine , apply medication and understand well about their behaviour. Nothing is impossible, it’s all depend whether are you open your heart to learn and practice.

My gratitude to my cat friends for celebrating their life with us, they filled our heart with love, laughter and happiness. Of course, they are also sharing a lot of beautiful lessons in life to make us a better person.

Happy World Cat Day to all my lovely friends!!!

Big hug with love!


2 responses to “Happy World Cat Day!

  1. If freedom makes Miss Mimi happy than the best you can do is allow her that happiness and hope for the best. I think our cats, Frankie and Chris, would love the opportunity to come and go at will but that is not possible where we live.

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