A heart of gratitude and be thankful to all beings for giving opportunity for us to learn and practice. You are going to be a happy people!

Sometimes, when we are offering services, help and support to others, we might expect others to express their gratitude and thank you to us. Some of us, we might be upset and angry if others never say thank you for the effort we put in. Do you have the same experience?

Think about it why not we change our angle and perspective in life?

Instead of expect others to say “thank you” for our help, why not we say “Thank you” to others for the OPPORTUNITY given to us, so that we can have a chance to serve and giving our loving kindness.

Once you transform your thoughts, your heart is filled with gratitude and you are going to give unconditional love and serve others without any expectation of return.

You are going to free and let go your burden of life.






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