Are you ready?

Sometimes, we are unaware about our action will bring suffering in others life.

One of the morning, when I am cooking, a thought arisen and it was great for sharing. Imagine, if you are a chef, you are preparing and cook for your customers. You are putting in a lot of msg, preservatives, artificial flavouring and other’s harmful substances. You might give excuses that customers love it, I can earn more profits and thousand of excuses.

Are you aware that your action is bringing disaster to other’s health. In a long run, your customers might get sick like, cancer, tumour, heart disease and others. As such, we must be mindful in our action.

No matter how many thousand times we vow “May all beings be well and happy!”. We must practice and take this vow seriously to safeguard our action. Always look inward, and ensure our action bring happiness to other’s life.

Another example, if you are cheating others in order to bring benefits to yourself, you might assume you are so “Smart” and laughed at other’s stupidity. Think about it, who are losing the most? The person you are cheating, might lost some money but you are losing dignity as a human being.

No one can escape from cause and effect. Be mindful on your action.

Be ready to bear responsibility from your action.



5 responses to “Are you ready?

  1. These things can happen in any profession.The coin has two sides. there will be a negative side to everything we do but we might not stress ourselves, just keep on doing good things for 8 out of 10 people. bcz the remaining 2 will always find a negative side of it.

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