I love reading. It’s really great to read a book which can nourish your mind with the best nutrients. It’s so enjoyable, calm and peace. However, the culture of reading book is dropping and a lot of people are spending so much time in social media. Check out contents which are intoxicant to our mind, make us more greedy, craving, ignorant and bring up our negative emotion without our realisation.

Why are open our door to accept all this “poison” happily?

Why not spend time to read a quality book with soft music, perhaps a cup of tea or coffee, it make you so relax and happy. We can learn so much from authors and input so much positive vibes. Marvellous food for mind. Of course, you can read ebook or good contents from social media too.

You must be mindful in the contents you are feeding your mind. Bring positivity in life, you are able to shine out to others too.

Say “NO” to junk, hatred, negativity and POISON Content!

It’s better to take time in nature instead of intoxicant our mind with “Poison” contents. A mind is everything!

Live a happier life!!!





3 responses to “Intoxicants..

  1. I agree. People today spend much of their reading time on many small bites of information from social media. I read few books nowadays. I don’t spend much time on Facebook but most of my reading is articles and blog posts on the internet. I do listen to audio books though since I spend a lot of time driving to and from work.

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