The earth was made of all beings!

Recently, I read a beautiful quote that “The earth was made of all beings.” We can live harmony with all beings. Respect and shine our unconditional love to them.

One of my friend, she got a little duck as her pet. She treat the little duck so well, brought her to visit Vet, to have a walk, little pond for duck friend to swim, take care of food and others. In her eyes, the little duck become her family members, she never see her as a duck. It touched my heart! How wonderful if we can see all beings are equally the same. Why should we differentiate them by their form?

Not forgetting, they are just like us, they want LOVE and also they want to share their love with us too. Give our unconditional love to all beings.

Our four lovely prince and princess at home… We love them dearly…Thank you for celebrating our life together and sharing many great lessons with us. They are our little teacher too!

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