What to leave behind for your children?

Some of my friends are working so hard, so thrifty on their spending in order to bring up their children and leave behind wealth. They try this best to save as much money as possible for their child’s education fees, get ready fund to buy a house, car and other things to their children.

They do their best to protect their children and also ensure a good life for them.

Recently, I met with one of senior friend, he shared with me that he told his son, he is not going to leave behind any cash, shares and properties to him. The only thing he is going to leave behind is a house that they stay now. He mentioned to his son that “I’ve given opportunity to you, to study in a good university and you must not expect anything from me. Please work hard and earn your money.”

His realisation was overly pampered a child will definitely spoil his/her future. It’s really hard for the child to be independent and work hard in his/her life. Most important, as a parent is to do our best to guide them to be good person with kind virtues and know how to difference good and bad.

Look at our animal friends, their parent will never take care of them after they can look for food. Why are we not letting go?

What are you plan to leave behind for your next generation?


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