beautiful lessons…

Recently, I went to my home town to do clearance on old stuffs. I learned many beautiful lessons.

The beauty of life, less is MORE!!!

While packing, there were so much clothes and other items we bought in the past and now, become “rubbish”, some might be recyclable, and some might not. It’s a great reminder that to live life MORE with LESS. Whatever we don’t need for over 20 years, definitely we don’t need in future. The ideal way is to donate those items which can useable and dispose those not. No meaning to keep it for One day you are going to use it. Trust me, the one day will never come!

Besides, I see clearly whatever in fashion in the past and it might consider “out of date” now. e.g. TV, cassette player, CD/DVD Player and others. Life is moving forward and most important to live life at here and now, meaningless to live in the past and refuse to make any changes. Of course, I am not talking about “bending” our principles of life. Never resist changes, embrace changes!!!

Everything comes with expiry date. By looking at my old furniture and cabinet, it’s clearly shown the sign of “Aged” and it’s time to dispose. We must accept that one day we are going to age and died. It’s a nature of life. Live life fully!

When we are mindful, everything, everywhere, every person, they are our good teacher!!!



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