Rejoice for other’s good deeds…

How nice to see free roaming chicken! Shine your unconditional love to all beings!

When I heard others sharing about good deeds and kind virtues, I am rejoice and truly happy. I’ll definitely thumb up for their kindness and encourage them to keep it up.

One of my friend shared with me that she rescued a handicapped kitten being abandoned by mother cat. Apparently, the little kitten can’t walk, he was paralysed. She brought the little one to visit Vet for treatment. Vet was proposing to put the little kitten to sleep. Of course, my friend was against this idea and she brought the little kitten home. She started to take care, she feed him with kitten formula milk.

The little kitten is showing to my friend his strong spirit to survive. He is trying to walk, even though he can’t walk well. My friend is so touched with his determination and she’ll continue to take care of the little kitten until he is recovered. Then, she’ll look for a good family to adopt as she has 2 cats and 1 dog.

I am requesting my friend not to give up on the little kitten and give him a home if no one is willing to adopt. How wonderful to hear such a good deeds. It warmth my heart!

I heard another story from my other friend that her daughter, aged 7 years old, pledged to be vegetarian after watching a video clip on how animals are being treated cruelty in farm. I salute to this little young girl for her loving kindness and compassion.

All stories cherish my life and giving good nutrients to my mind. A great reminder to continue to shine our loving kindness to all beings.





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